MarketSpace User Guide

How to create MarketSpace account

Please follow the link below to create your personal MarketSpace account.

Click Sign Up Now at the bottom of log in screen. 

Please fill all the required fields. 

Click the Send Verification Code button, we will send you a 6-digit verification code to your email address.  

Enter this code and click Verify button to verify that you own the email address that will be connected to the account.  

Click the Create button to complete your account sign-up process. 

Click Open MarkeSpace button on the right sidebar of Contact or Property record to open your MarketSpace organization. 

Assign Security Roles

Internal and Guest Users Management

From Internal Users and Guests modules organization admins can:

  • Assign/remove main or additional security roles
  • Assign/remove licenses
  • Enable/disable users
  • Edit user profile or add photo

Manage Security Roles action – allows to:

  • move Guest user to Internal Users
  • assign additional security roles for Internal Users

Guests have access to only:

  • Listings Portal (with Published listings only)
  • Collaboration Rooms (only where they are participants)
  • Deal Rooms (only where they are participants)

Internal Users additionally have to all of the Listings and to internal configuration with:

  • Contacts
  • Documents
  • Marketing Lists

Organization Admin – this role gives access to modules:

  • Images
  • Color Themes
  • Internal Users
  • Guests
  • Admin Dashboard

Config Editor role provide access to modules of POC functionality:

  • Config Tool
  • Mappings

Also, admins can update List of Expected Brokers which allows auto-provisioning of “Internal User” security role for users with the specified email addresses upon registration. 

Other Admin Functionalities

Color Themes  

Admin users can apply branding of the company for the whole Organization in MarketSpace. This includes 2 logos for expanded and collapsed Navigation Panel of all configurations, and 20 colors used for elements of the application. By default, 12 additional colors are automatically generated from 8 main colors, yet there is possibility for admins to customize those as well. Copy, Preview and Apply actions on Color Themes make this functionality easy-to-use and check the result before affecting the whole app.

Logos are uploaded via Images module, which also allows admins to delete deactivated images to save server space.

Admin Dashboard

Insights to the activities, new records and most popular by guests rooms available with 8 Trends and 12 Charts in this Admin Dashboard view. Period control by week, month and year applies for all of the diagrams.

Mapping and Configuration Tools

Two new modules are available for users with Config Editor security role only: Mappings and Config Templates.

For now these are just POC versions of such valuable features like Mapping and Configuration Tools, which allow to demo the use case where Salesforce Admin adds custom fields in Salesforce, then maps them to custom fields of MarketSpace on Edit Mappings screen:

Mappings for all 5 entities that are synced from Salesforce are available for editing:

Then it is possible to create a custom configuration template for screens of MarketSpace (for now Contact Details screen only) and allocate the new custom fields as desired with the help of Configuration Tool.

User can rename and rearrange existing fields, etc. Undo and Redo actions available. Quick Preview allows to see the changes applied on the go for the selected record.

When the template is saved config editor can preview the result in the app and if satisfied with it apply the new Config Template for the whole Organization in MarketSpace.

MarketSpace FAQ

1) Is there a limit to the number of participantson a Collaboration room?  

There is no limitation on number of participants.  

2) How can I approve pending participants on a Collaboration room? 

Only internal users can approve participants. Here is how you can let them in:  

3) How can I sync preferences?  

When a Contact is synced to MarketSpace, all related to its Preferences are synced too. They can be found in a corresponding table on details of the Contact. Also, they can be used in Collaboration Rooms.

4) Do images need to be upload to Marketspace separately to Salesforce? 

Yes. MarketSpace can contain different set of images, which for example have better quality and look nice on the portal. 

5) Can we edit the fields / (add custom fields) which appear on the Property, Listing and Availability? 

Yes, our team can customize the forms for you. Property and Listing Details fields can be added/reorganized for you with the help of Configuration Tool by our BA or Concierge team. Configurability of the rest of the screens is coming in the next releases. Meanwhile we can provide dev services of customization. 

6) Do we need to use the Listing object? We previously have not been using this instead just using Property and Availability objects. 

You can keep using Properties and Availabilities. MarketSpace is a product for marketing properties that are being listed and therefore have either an active Listing or Availability record-related. Properties without Listings nor Availabilities will not be visible in MarketSpace. Yet MarketSpace will automatically create Listings containing Property data for Availability records that do not have them. Availabilities of the same type (Sale or Lease) are grouped for the same Property under 1 Listing.  

7) What to do if there is an error on the admin and it needs to change?

In case of any issues on Client’s Organization side you can always enter Client’s Organization as a Support user: (credentials may be requested in IT)
Support User by default has Admin privileges within all MarketSpace Organizations.

8) How to change the # of internal MarketSpace users?

Any registered User can be assigned as Internal User by Organization Admin. After Internal User is created – valid License should be assigned – in case there is a free license within organization – it is assigned automatically.
Also, expected Brokers can be added into the system in advance, when User registers with email, marked as expected Broker – Broker privileges will be assigned automatically
To request additional Licenses please create a request by the form:

9) Does the xMS admin need to be the same as the SF admin?

No, any internal xMS User can be set as xMS admin without any relation to the role in Salesforce.

10) I want a different admin on the Marketspace org for a client and I want to add more users.

Quantity of Internal Users with admin privileges is not limited – any Admin User can assign Admin role to any Internal User.

11) When you sync a listing to MarketSpace, who can immediately see that listing?

Salesforce is synced with MarketSpace on daily basis. After Property with availabilities is synced, it can be discovered in MarketSpace by Brokers. On MarketSpace side Listing should be Published to Listing Portal to be discovered be Guest Users.

12) What is the difference between a Collaboration room & Deal room?

Collaboration Room – is a room to negotiate on Listings. Collaboration Room Can be created form SF Deals with “Tenant Representation” or “Buyer Representation” Deal type. Several listings can be added for discussion.

Deal Room can be created from SF Deals with “Landlord Representation” or “Seller Representation” Deal type.
Only one Listing can be added for discussion. Also. Deal Room can be covered by NDA for Guest Users.

13) Why would you sync contacts to MarketSpace?

We sync Contacts to MarketSpace:
1. To able to add participants to Collaboration / Deal rooms
2. To create Lists of contacts with similar preferences for any marketing activities
3. In future there will be an Email Campaign functionality available within MarketSpace.

14) Is MarketSpace supposed to replace the client’s website, where their listings are normally publicly displayed?

MarketSpace Listing Portal can be incorporated into Client’s site in iFrame. Thus Client’s site remains the same, but Client’s prospects can review Listings using all MarketSpace features, such as Listing Filtering/Search/Sort, inquiry creation through Contact Us form.

15) Can MarketSpace capture Inquiries about Listings via a webform? Or is it by invite-only?

Yes, once Guest User fills in Contact Us web form on Listing details page – his contact is being created in MarketSpace and Broker receives notification on new Inquiry.
Also, Inquiries can be created by Broker manually.

16) Can Organization use MarketSpace only with Properties from Salesforce? (without any Listings in Salesforce)

Yes. If a Property has an Availability added it will be synced to MarketSpace even without any SF Listing. In this case during Property synchronization dummy Listing will be created on MarketSpace side automatically.

MarketSpace for AscendixRE: Property Listings Portal & Deal Rooms

We’d like to review our new offering, Marketspace, which is included in our AscendixRE Unlimited subscription.  We have developed Marketspace to extend the reach and engagement of your CRM system with external parties like inquiries, prospective tenants, and investors.

The Seller Rep Scenario

Let’s start with a Seller Rep Scenario

Upon winning a listing to sell Preston Park Financial center, I’ve added it to AscendixRE to track marketing activities, inquiries and deal flow.

One of the steps within the marketing plan for this listing is to publish a public facing listing record for this property.  We’ll use Marketspace’s new listing portal to accomplish this.  The process of publishing a listing to your website is as simple as a click of a button. 

This listing is now available for review by visitors to the website where they can obtain details and request more information by entering their contact details into a webform which automatically creates an Inquiry in AscendixRE.

Upon receiving the notification of a new inquiry, the broker engages with the prospective investor to further qualify the interest level. 

Assuming qualification, the broker creates a new deal record in the CRM system as well as a Deal Room in MarketSpace which generates an email to the investor with an invitation to join the deal room.

Upon engaging with the Deal Room invite, the investor is prompted to review and acknowledge the terms of the confidentiality agreement and upon acceptance, is granted access to the deal room.

The investor is then greeted with a messages panel welcoming them to the deal room and given direction on where to access other details such as the financials.

This deal room represent a single location for all investors to store documents and interactions relevant to the process of deal evaluation instead of relying on email threads and attachments.

The Tenant Rep Scenario

Now let’s see how Marketspace can facilitate Tenant Rep workflows.

After engaging with the prospective tenant, the broker documents their lease requirements.

Assuming we’ve won the assignment, we create a new Tenant Rep deal in AscendixRE allowing for the assemblage of candidate properties and availabilities to share with the tenant. 

Once ready to present, we invite the tenant to the collaboration room for review. 

Upon arrival, the tenant can review the selected properties and availabilities providing feedback to the broker by included/excluding options and messaging the broker.

In addition to these new tools, we have incorporated publication and reporting options, dashboards, and future integration with Mailchimp for marketing efforts.