Custom Map ​​​Icons Configuration

    Learn how to configure map icons for Google Maps and OpenStreetMap

    Ascendix Search supports map icon configurations for both maps: Google Maps and OpenStreetMap. Optionally, the product allows using your own icon library.

    Ascendix Search with Customized Map Pins

    Please follow the instructions to configure custom icons:

    Step 1. Prepare zip archive file with icons

    1. Create a local folder in your machine with the appropriate name (for example MyFavoriteIcons)
    2. Add the set of icons into the folder. (Note: the supported formats: gif, jpeg, png)
    3. Add all icons to archive without inner folders. (Note: the supported archive format is zip only)

    Step 2. Add prepared zip file to the Static resource

    • From Setup, enter Static Resources in the Quick Find box, then select Static Resources.
    • Click New.

    Ascendix Search map pins configuration adding static resources

    • In the Name text box, enter the text that will be used for custom icons.
    • Next to the File text box, click Choose File to navigate to a local copy of the resource that you want to upload.
    • Set the Cache-Control to the public
    • Click Save

    Step 3. Configure custom icons for Ascendix Search

    • As a System Administrator, navigate to the Ascendix Search
    • After Ascendix Search loads, click on the gear icon in the top right corner of the Ascendix Search component to open the Ascendix Search Setup dialog
    • Select the Mapping tab

    Ascendix Search Mapping configuration adding custom maps

    • Select the uploaded resource in the Static resource for custom map icons dropdown menu
    • Click the Save button to close the Ascendix Search Setup dialogue

    After this configuration, your icons appear in the Custom icons block in the icon picker. 

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