MarketSpace User Guide

MarketSpace for AscendixRE: Property Listings Portal & Deal Rooms

We’d like to review our new offering, Marketspace, which is included in our AscendixRE Unlimited subscription.  We have developed Marketspace to extend the reach and engagement of your CRM system with external parties like inquiries, prospective tenants, and investors.

The Seller Rep Scenario

Let’s start with a Seller Rep Scenario

Upon winning a listing to sell Preston Park Financial center, I’ve added it to AscendixRE to track marketing activities, inquiries and deal flow.

One of the steps within the marketing plan for this listing is to publish a public facing listing record for this property.  We’ll use Marketspace’s new listing portal to accomplish this.  The process of publishing a listing to your website is as simple as a click of a button. 

This listing is now available for review by visitors to the website where they can obtain details and request more information by entering their contact details into a webform which automatically creates an Inquiry in AscendixRE.

Upon receiving the notification of a new inquiry, the broker engages with the prospective investor to further qualify the interest level. 

Assuming qualification, the broker creates a new deal record in the CRM system as well as a Deal Room in MarketSpace which generates an email to the investor with an invitation to join the deal room.

Upon engaging with the Deal Room invite, the investor is prompted to review and acknowledge the terms of the confidentiality agreement and upon acceptance, is granted access to the deal room.

The investor is then greeted with a messages panel welcoming them to the deal room and given direction on where to access other details such as the financials.

This deal room represent a single location for all investors to store documents and interactions relevant to the process of deal evaluation instead of relying on email threads and attachments.

The Tenant Rep Scenario

Now let’s see how Marketspace can facilitate Tenant Rep workflows.

After engaging with the prospective tenant, the broker documents their lease requirements.

Assuming we’ve won the assignment, we create a new Tenant Rep deal in AscendixRE allowing for the assemblage of candidate properties and availabilities to share with the tenant. 

Once ready to present, we invite the tenant to the collaboration room for review. 

Upon arrival, the tenant can review the selected properties and availabilities providing feedback to the broker by included/excluding options and messaging the broker.

In addition to these new tools, we have incorporated publication and reporting options, dashboards, and future integration with Mailchimp for marketing efforts.

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