How To Use Radius Search in Ascendix Search

    Learn how to use Radius Search in Ascendix Search

    Ascendix Search allows you to find records within a certain distance from another record. This is called a radius search, where the search area is defined as the distance radiating from the record selected. 

    Let’s imagine you are looking for properties within 20 kilometers of the property – Empire State Building and the account – Wells Fargo Bank.

    To start searching by properties, you need to complete the following steps:  

    Step 1. Click on “Add Search Criteria” and choose the “Radius” field from the list

    Step 2. You have an option to search within or not within a certain number of miles, feet, yards, kilometers, and meters. In our case, select “within X kilometers of 20”: 

    Step 3. The results you expect to find are properties within 20 kilometers of the account, select the account. Then start typing and select the Wells Fargo Bank account in the search box: 

    Step 4. To perform radius search from two records, you will have to “Add Search Criteria” with “Radius” value twice. Select within X kilometers of 20 of the property – Empire State Building.

    Step 5. If you want to include a Distance column to see how far each item in the search result is from the record being searched, click the checkbox next to the radius criteria:

    Step 6. Click the Search button.

    Step 7. The results show the list of properties with two Distance columns (Distance 1 and Distance 2). Again, this assumes the properties all have addresses associated.

    The Distance column includes the unit of measurement the search was based on. Also, you can filter the search list by the Distance column by simply clicking the arrow icon.  

    The specified record will be shown as a pink pin in the center of the radius overlay on the map and the other records will be shown as blue pins in the search result.


    The Radius search within two records in Ascendix Search 

    This feature helps you quickly see the distance between the closest records.

    You can also Save the search based on your criteria with/without the Distance column or click the Edit Criteria button to update the existing search. If you want to start from scratch, click the Create New Search button.