Geocoding Configuration For Custom Objects

    Learn how to configure geocoding for custom objects in Ascendix Search

    Geocoding is an optional feature, which allows users to generate geocode information for each record using Google API service.   

    For each object to be configured follow these steps: 

    1. From Setup, enter Process Builder  in the Quick Find  box, then select  Process Builder 
    2. Click New 
    3. Enter Process Name(for example Account Geocode) 
    4. Enter API Name (for example AccountGeocode) 
    5. Set The process starts when field to the A record changes option 
    6. Click Save 
    7. Click Add Object 
    8. Set the Object field to an object for geocoding updating (for example Account)
    9. Set the Start the process field to the when a record is created or edited option
    10. Click Save 
    11. Click Add Criteria 
    12. Enter Criteria Name (for example Criteria for Geocode Update) 
    13. Set the Criteria for Executing Actions field to the Formula evaluates to true option 
    14. Insert the following code in the Build Formula field with replacing _State_, _City_, _StreetName_, _StreetNumber_, _PostalCode_values to your address fields.
      ISNEW() || 
      ISCHANGED(_State_) || 
      ISCHANGED(_City_) || 
      ISCHANGED(_StreetName_) || 
      ISCHANGED(_StreetNumber_) || 
      for example: 
      ISNEW() ||  
      ISCHANGED([Account].BillingState) || 
      ISCHANGED([Account].BillingCity) || 
      ISCHANGED([Account].BillingStreet)  ||  
    15. Click Save 
    16. Click Add Action
    17. Set the Action Type field to the Apex option 
    18. Enter Action Name - (Geocode Update) 
    19. Set the Apex Class field to the Search Geocode option 
    20. Click Add Row button
    21. Set the Field field to the ids option 
    22. Set the Type field to the Field Reference option 
    23. Choose your object id field to the Value field (for example: [Account].Id) 
    24. Click Save 
    25. Click Activate and confirm activation  

    Note: To update geocode via Data Import Wizard activate "Trigger workflow rules and processes for new and updated records" checkbox.

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