What's new in AscendixRE 1.34

    Available , March 6 2024

    New Features & Improvements:

    • Users can now adjust and save the width of columns in the Editable Grid to their preference, enhancing the personalization of the user interface.
    • A new mass editing function has been added, allowing for quick and efficient modifications of multiple records, significantly reducing manual input time.
    • Direct links to admin/user guides have been added for convenient documentation access, preventing delays in feature configuration and enhancing the support structure.
    • "Auto Share to Inside Team" and "Opened for Editing" checkboxes have now been added to the Deal Capital Markets layout for improved consistency and user control.
    • Prevention measures against accidental reset of Ascendix Search settings have been implemented to safeguard custom configurations.
    • Scorecards now have a unified height alignment, creating a neat and orderly display regardless of font size differences.
    • The button order in the Business Logic section and UI color consistency for the Save button have been updated, enhancing the system's visual coherence.  
    • Auto Number field enhancements have been implemented to ensure column width settings are remembered, streamlining the user's interaction with the system.
    • Bug fixes.