What's New in AscendixRE 1.28

    Available March 28, 2023

    New Features & Improvements: 

    • Users can enter the commission outside the deal record.
    • The existing commissions of one record type in multi-mode are now visible while adding new commissions
    • The behavior for the Image Viewer field configuration has been changed.
    • Possibility to configure images that will be shown for the parent/child record in the AscendixRE Admin Console.
    • Updated notification message in the Image Viewer.
    • The logic of the Image Viewer for the Listing object has been updated.
    • A Refresh button has been added to the View mode.
    • Admin can generate a web form for the Landing Page with Web-To Inquiry feature.
    • Additional improvement for the picklist data type.
    • Autoupdated "Listings" grid after changing Inquiry's "Listing" field.
    • New Formula (Text) field for the Name for Prospective Listings.
    • The system prevents the user from entering duplicates in the Prospective Listings.  
    • Possibility to enter the deal lost reason.
    • Admin can configure the language for the labels.
    • The Composer document can be generated from the "Deal Sources" grid.  
    • The Lightning version implementation of the Market Rent page.
    • The Lightning version implementation of the Unit Profile page.
    • Editable grid can be sorted by content.
    • The Lightning Files and Notes features have replaced the "Notes & Attachments".
    • Admin can configure the "Scorecards" feature.
    • The "Get Geolocation" button is disabled until the Google Geocoding Key is added. 
    • RelatedList component is updated with new label to "Disable Edit on the Grid".