What's New In AscendixRE 1.26

    Available July 15, 2022

    New Features & Improvements

    • Users now can add the same type of multiple Commission records simultaneously. They should be able to find the "Add multiple commission records" checkbox, which will be unchecked by default but can easily be checked to enable this new functionality. A new dialog with an editable table will be prompted with the title "Add Commissions: [Commission Type]," and users will be able to add up to 30 rows.
    • New "Latest Note" field. Users can see the most recent note in the record details section and easily include this information in reports. They can select for which objects this new feature is enabled. 
    • Image Viewer component can be added to other/custom objects to allow users to view images. The "Primary Image" field can be configured to track the primary image.
    • Users will be able to upload up to 10 images at once. 
    • Capital Markets - Users can close a Deal using the standard AscendixRE Close dialog. 
    • The default configuration of AscendixRE now includes a "Clone" button for all objects in the package, including Accounts and Contacts. The "Sharing" button was removed from the default configuration. 
    • Deal Close - Changed the date format used to set record names to use the company's organizational default. 
    • Updated checkbox logic when exporting deal sources to show TRUE when the checkbox is selected and blank if not selected.
    • Deal Source grid is automatically updated after adding records from "Find Sources." 
    • After installation, all labels will be automatically reflected in the "Convert Inquiry" dialog. 
    • Renamed the "Copy Deal Sources" button to "Copy from" and placed it between the "New" and "Export" buttons. 
    • AscendixRE product now supports the enabled Lightning Web Security feature.
    • Misc. bug fixes and other improvements