What's New In AscendixRE 1.25

    Available May 6, 2022

    New Features & Improvements

    • Capital Markets - AscendixRE now supports Capital Markets deal allowing users to track potential capital sources against deal records. Users can quickly review all associated capital sources via our new editable grid, allowing them to select the primary source, change status, and add notes, all with just a few clicks. We have also added a new “Find Sources” feature, allowing users to find sourcing records matching the current deal. Users can also copy sources from one deal to another, making it easy to work with the same capital source records again.
    • The deal field “Sale Stage” has been renamed “Deal Stage”
    • The field “Condo/Strata” has been removed from the UI (new installs only)
    • When adding a new commission, the default type is now “Inside Broker”
    • Two new global actions have been added to create a “New Sale Inquiry” and a “New Lease Inquiry”
    • The logic for the display of the Inquiry “Convert” and “Disqualify” buttons has been improved
    • The “Inquiry Convert” dialog now supports renaming the “Inquiry” object label
    • Misc. bug fixes and other improvements