What's New in AscendixRE 1.27

    Available November 11, 2022

    New Features & Improvements:

    • An inquiry can be related to multiple listings. 
    • Users can convert Inquiry without specifying the Listing. In addition, the user will see a message notifying if the selected Listing is associated with another active Deal.
    • The Prospective Listings related list has been renamed to the Prospective Inquiries related list from the Listing side.
    • Users will see a confirmation window in case of adding and editing images in the parent record. 
    • Users can add records to a deal from Ascendix Search with the option to change to a multi-select lookup. 
    • Updated logic to prevent entering in more than 100% fee splits between the brokers. 
    • Possibility to configure different deal close buttons for Capital Markets deals. 
    • Admin can specify the record id field for the Image viewer
    • Possibility to close Availability in case if Deal is closed. 
    • Updated package with Lighting Pages for objects included in the package, so that they can be easily activated or cloned. 
    • Show multiple Listings as an Editable grid. 
    • The Commission value is preserved after switching from single mode to multi-mode. 
    • The Listings are removed from the Related List for the Landlord Representation Deal type. 
    • The Inside Broker validation rules are disabled by default. 
    • Deal stages can be configured with chart colors. 
    • Stacking Plan is available for Office Property Record Type. 
    • Admin can define custom buttons on the editable grid used in areas such as deal sources. 
    • The package Account and Contact page layouts are renamed to AscendixRE Account Layout and AscendixRE Contact Layout.
    • Admin can easily modify field value logic via Custom Metadata Records. 
    • Conditional logic for ObjectUtil.setFieldValue is enabled.