How To Add And Remove Columns

    Learn how to add and remove columns in Ascendix Search

    With Ascendix Search, you can modify columns for every search. Moreover, you can add values from related Objects to make your search results more meaningful. E.g., you can add Industry, Employee number to your Contacts lists to prioritize contacts you wish to target.

    To modify columns for your search results, click on Select Columns in the bottom right-hand corner.

    Ascendix Search Select Columns

    Ascendix Search - Select Columns Button

    First, select a value you want to add/remove/move.

    Then use the arrows in the interface to navigate the value to the desired location. Hit OK when done.

    Ascendix Search customize columns new

    Ascendix Search - Select Results Columns

    Only values in the Selected area will be displayed as columns.

    Make sure to save your list to keep the order of columns for future use.

    That's it!