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Where will my Tasks show up?

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Tasks are great because you create them once, and they have a way of showing up everywhere to remind you of your to do’s.

  1. Tasks will be on the activity timeline of the object it’s connected to (example: Contact and Listing)
  2. Tasks will show up on your Home tab, based on what you have due today
  3. Tasks will show up on your Tasks tab, where you can see a list of all Tasks due, and check them off if complete
  4. Tasks will appear as an ‘alarm bell’ notifier on the top right of your screen when you log in
  5. Tasks will appear on your mobile phone if you have the Salesforce app installed and connected to your username and password used for Ascendix
  6. Tasks will also appear on the right-side panel of your email if you have Gmail or Outlook configured!.

There are no way tasks are slipping between the cracks now!

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