What's new in AscendixRE 1.29

    Available , June 1 2023

    New Features & Improvements:

    • The Object Field mapping logic has been improved.
    • The Deal close logic has been updated.
    • The Commission Lightning Page has been updated with the Related List Quick Links, and the Notes tab has been removed. 
    • The capabilities of Object Field Mapping in the AscendixRE Admin Console have been expanded.
    • The user can change the column width and easily expand or shrink the columns.
    • Improvements in the notification message of the Image Viewer.
    • The Deal Lightning Page has been updated with the Notes moved to the Related List Quick Links. 
    • The Chatter has been removed, and the Activity has been moved to the Related list. 
    • The user can localize all labels from the Inquiry, Property, Deal, and Listing categories.
    • The Email tab has been added to the Activity component for all objects.
    • The standard Salesforce lightning-map component has replaced the custom map.
    • The column " [Object] Owner Alias" has been removed and is no longer visible in the list views. 
    • Updated the logic for the Summary Type: Min and Max in Scorecard Configuration.
    • The user has control over the font types and sizes on the scorecards that can be set up. 
    • We have added a tooltip for the Scorecards.
    • The AscendixRE Help component has been added as part of the package.
    • The logic for the field "Min Divisible Area" has been updated. 
    • The Term(Years) field has been updated. 
    • New flexipages have been created for Prospective Buyers, Geography, and Task objects.