Who Needs Ascendix Search?

    Find out if Ascendix Search is a good choice for you

    If you are a Salesforce user that works with Salesforce data on a weekly basis then you'll appreciate Ascendix Search.

    For those looking to really utilize their data we have options such as Cross-Object  Query Builder (Allows users to build searches based on attributes not related to the core record type such as building a list of Accounts where Opportunities probabilities are 70%+) and Expanded Search Operators (Search parameters such as Next X day and Between X and Y value) Plus an additional Map Interface that allows you to quickly search by geographic location.

    Read our whitepaper (PDF) to learn how Sales professionals, Marketers, Customer Support Teams, and Salesforce Admins can improve their productivity thanks to Ascendix Search.

    Now that we have all these detailed searches what can we do with them?

    Export it to Excel, save your search for a later date, or even share your search template with other users in the organization.

    Ascendix Search also allows for the creation of Ad-Hoc Lists (Lists created for a purpose) giving you the end user the ability to quickly and easily access tailored information now not later.

    Use Cases for Sales Reps

    Ascendix Search simplifies the way to identify prospects to call or email. You'll be able to create and save lists that match your criteria with more granular filters than in a standard Salesforce.

    E.g., you can create a list of Leads to follow up that were contacted by you 2 weeks before today. Once created this list, you can save it. From this moment, you'll see leads that require your attention.

    Our Map search will allow you to filter records by certain area rather than a city or town, e.g. you might be interested in all Accounts from Dallas and suburbs. You might have multiple towns that meet your requirements. With Ascendix Search, you can simply draw a circle or polygon on the map to get this list.

    Watch more use cases in this video:

    Ascendix Search for Salesforce Admins

    The app simplifies list building for your users so you'll significantly decrease the number of report building requests. Also, you'll be able to clean, uniform data thanks to mass update functionality. Our charts will help you visualize the data and find inconsistency. Also, you can use Export to Excel to review the data and easily correct it.

    Ascendix Search for Commercial Real Estate Companies

    We created Ascendix Search on request of our AscendixRE CRM users (a commercial real estate CRM on top of Salesforce). They were looking for better ways to do prospecting and requested features like mass updates, mass actions, map searches. Also, check our blog post where we explain the use cases for brokers and why Ascendix Search is a good idea for all brokers who use Salesforce.