List Views

    Intro into List Views

    List views allow you to see records that interest you the most. When you access Ascendix for the first time, the default view for any object is Recently Viewed, which will likely show no data at first. To be able to see records, you need to select another view. You can then make that view default with a mere click of a button.  

    You can set each of the tabs to have its own default view. For example, you can set your Accounts default to All Accounts and your Contacts default to My Contacts. With filters, you can create custom lists of objects – contacts, accounts, inquiries, properties, listings, or any other records in Ascendix. For example, create a list view of active deals and add a filter on deal value to find the deals you should be focusing on. On top of that, you can effortlessly visualize your data with charts.