Product Overview

    Composer Online produces 3 types of reports:

    • Printable  - the result is a PDF. As a part of a generation, Composer Online produces an intermediate result called “Publication” that contains the same data as future PDFs but can be edited before downloading.
    • Email  - the result is an HTML file that can be used for email campaigns in Mailchimp, or be exported and embedded as an email body. As a part of a generation, Composer Online offers to test the future email by sending the testing email to any valid email and comparing the expectations with the results in the Inbox.
    • Microsite  - the result is a ZIP archive with future landing pages. The feature of Microsite is form builder.

    A template can be created from scratch or from a default template that is used as a prototype for future customization.

    Main features:

    • No need for copy-pasting to compose a report. The data can be grabbed, organized, calculated, and structured in the report dynamically from the database;
    • the library of reports of any type is available to save time on development;
    • rules for data grabbing can be set so that only the required material will be taken to the report in the correct order;
    • maps can be customized and assigned with amenities to display the required properties with the relevant icons;
    • the template can be adapted to different paper formats (American and European);
    • email templates are adapted to be sent via Mailchimp email campaigns;
    • email templates can be sent in a “test mode” to ensure they have the expected appearance in the Inbox;
    • the information from the lead-collecting forms on landing pages can be saved and updated in the database;
    • The table of Contents is generated automatically;
    • the preview feature to check whether the data is organized as expected;
    • bulk reports generation in one click.