How do I log into AscendixRE?

AscendixRE CRM is built on top of Salesforce CRM, so to access AscendixRE after you’ve started a trial or become a customer you can use and sign-in with the credentials either we’ve provided at signup or your admin has provided.

Adding Fields to a Record

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xRE for Salesforce: How to add fields to a record

You have the ability to add your own fields to any object: Account, Contact, Property, Lease, Deal, Availability or Sale record. After you have determined which object needs your custom field, you need to determine what kind of field it should be (numerical, text, pick list, check box, etc.…) and what the field should be called. Then go to the Page Layout and drag the field where you need it on the form. Instructions on how to accomplish this are below.

1. Click on the Set-up icon from the top right of your menu and Setup.

2. Click on the Object Manager Tab .

3. Select the Object (in this example Account) – they are listed in alpha order and you may need to scroll down to find your object name (such as Contact or Property, etc.).

4. Click on “Fields and Relationships”.

5. Click “New”.

6. Choose your field type. You have a multitude of options and an explanation for each field type. Let’s select “Picklist” since we want the user to have the option of picking one value form a list of choices. Then click “Next” (You may decide to pick Text, or Date, or Number, etc.)

7. Add the label of the field. In this case, it is called “Source” because I want to add a field that describes how I was able to gain knowledge of this Account.

8. Click on “Enter values, with each value separated by a new line”.

9. Enter the options you want the user to pick.

10. Determine if you want the values to be sorted alphabetically, if there should be a default value upon the creation of a new record, and if you want the values on this list to be strictly enforced.

11. The description/help text are optional but are good to have as a reminder for why this field was created.

12. Determine if you want this field to be required or optional (checkbox for required). Click Next. Continue to follow the prompts all the way to Save.

Now your field is added to the form, but where?

Go back to the Object Manager, click on the object you changed and Page layouts. Click on the page layout, and scroll down to see your field. You can click and drag it to another location if you wish. Save changes.

How to create a field with many to many relationships for Related List Quick Links

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Step 1. Click on Gear icon at the upper right-hand corner of the screen. 

Step 2. Click Setup

Step 3. Select Object Manager.

Step 4. Click on Create button at the top right corner.

Step 5. Select Custom Object 

Step 6. Enter Label name and Plural Label

Step 6. Choose Auto Number in a Data Type dropdown menu.

Step 6. Enter “A-{000}” in Display Format.

Step 6. Enter 0 in Starting Number.

Step 6. Click Save

How to set email notifications

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Step 1. Click on your avatar image at the upper right-hand corner of the screen.

Step 2. Click Settings.

Step 3. In the Quick find box start entering Email notifications

Step 4. Click Email notifications.

Step 5. Check or uncheck email options for different actions

Step 6. Click Save.

App Menu Glossary

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Default first tab that lets you view your day at a glance (upcoming tasks, or appointments/events).


“Virtual water cooler” – collaborate with Salesforce users internally, not client-facing, works like Twitter, where you use @ (person’s name) to loop into the discussion.


Visual depiction of your data (pie charts, graphs, funnels etc.)


Leads, incoming via phone or email, leasing or buying interest in a building, or a way to capture general requirements for space.


Individuals that are linked to Accounts, of varying roles (prospect, client, broker, etc.).


or Companies, potentially connected to those Contacts.


Your opportunity pipeline whereby various business lines can capture their pursuits (example: Tenant Reps, Landlord Reps, etc.) *private


Building data (location, type, size, class, etc..)


Vacant units or suites within a Property.


Lease abstract data that captures Account (Tenant) info in Properties.


Recording of sale history of a Property.


Intended to capture the agreement/contractual info a listing broker has for a Property.


Will display events/appointments that you have created within Salesforce (not synched with Outlook).


Your deadline-driven to-dos created in Salesforce


Jot down notes on any of your data (related to an account, contact, etc…) It can be formatted and styled, even to include photos.


*Note: this app menu can be tailored (tabs can be removed or re-ordered).

AscendixRE for Investment Sales Brokers

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Investment Sales Brokers need to track Buyer requirements, Sellers in the marketplace, all communication, and activities when they are pursuing a listing, deal stages, and more. AscendixRE makes it easy and provides well-thought tools and processes to work with your data effectively.

This video will cover how Investment Sales Reps can use AscendixRE:

0:09 Tracking Buyers

0:54 Preference tracking to capture investment criteria

2:14 Building a list of buyers using Ascendix Search

4:12 Activities Tracking

4:50 Adding Properties the Person Owns

5:50 Сreating a Listing

6:26 Deals tracking

7:01 Sales comp creation

7:04 Buyer Rep Deal Creation

7:34 Customizing tabs in the menu

AscendixRE for Landlord Representation Brokers

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AscendixRE provides Landlord Reps with easy-to-use tools to track vacant space, marketing activities of availabilities, managing the deal flow and pipeline for the vacant space.

Learn how to use AscendixRE in this video:

0:52 Categorizing Contacts and Accounts

1:16 Account Details: Tagging/Segmenting an Account as a Prospect

2:02 Filtered List of Prospects

2:15 Logging Activities

2:30 Listing Pursuit Deal: automatically create a listing for you once the deal is closed

3:42 Creating Properties

4:24 Properties Overview: creating a Lease Listing for this property (Allows you to connect everything to this listing)

5:44 Listings, activity timeline. (When a broker wins a listing there are some prescriptive actions a broker should undertake. We populate it automatically, but you can disable this.)

AscendixRE for Tenant Reps

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As a Tenant Rep, AscendixRE provides you with all essential tools to prospect, prospective tenants, keep up-to-date Lease Comps database, track all leases, and get alerted when the lease is expiring.

Watch this video to learn all ins and outs:

Box For Salesforce Integration Overview

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In this video, we show how Box Salesforce integration works and what limitations you might face.

Note, that it is possible to configure Box as you wish, but it will require the help of a Salesforce Consultant.

Dashboards Overview | AscendixRE CRM

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AscendixRE lets you view and analyze your data using multiple charts and dashboards.

Learn how to easily customize and create new charts in this video: