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User Management – Adding New Users/Licenses

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Adding New Licenses

If you need to add net-new users from your company, to gain access to Ascendix:

  • Email Martha Cruce
  • Request add-on licenses for X number of users
  • Provide your Org ID: (How do I find my ORG ID?)
  • Martha will email you a link, where you can click to pay for the new users (prorated to your contract end-date)
  • Once payment is received by Ascendix, we procure the licenses from Salesforce
  • Please wait 24 hours, thereafter, you can log into Ascendix and add your users

Adding New Users

The maximum number of users you can add is determined by the number of user licenses you purchase.

To add users:

  1. Click on the gear icon and select Setup from the drop down.
  2. In the Quick Find bar on your left type in Users and select it.
  3. Locate the New User button and click on it.
  4. Type in the new users First Name, Last Name, Email, Username (this can be the same as the email address or something else in an email format).
  5. Before saving make sure the User License is set to Salesforce Platform and the Profile is set to AscendixRE Standard User.
  6. Select Save & New if you are creating multiple users or just Save for singular users.
  7. Your new user should receive an email shortly to finalize the setup of their account.

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