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User Management – Adding New Users/Licenses

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Adding New Licenses

If you need to add net-new users from your company, to gain access to Ascendix:

  • Email Martha Cruce
  • Request add-on licenses for X number of users
  • Provide your Org ID: (How do I find my ORG ID?)
  • Martha will email you a link, where you can click to pay for the new users (prorated to your contract end-date)
  • Once payment is received by Ascendix, we procure the licenses from Salesforce
  • Please wait 24 hours, thereafter, you can log into Ascendix and add your users

Adding New Users

You can quickly add up to 10 users at a time to your organization. 

The maximum number of users you can add is determined by the number of user licenses you purchase.

To add users:

  1. From Setup, enter Users in the Quick Find box, then select Users.
  2. Click New User to add a single user or click Add Multiple Users to add up to 10 users at a time.
  3. Enter each user’s name, email address, and a unique username in the form of an email address. By default, the username is the same as the email address, but you can overwrite this.
  4. Select the user license you want to associate with the users you create (the license determines which profiles are available for each user).
  5. Select a profile.
  6. Select Generate passwords and notify user via email to email a login name and temporary password to each new user.
  7. Click Save.

User Management – Reassignment of Licenses

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If a user leaves your organization, or no longer needs access to Ascendix:

Since you cannot delete user records, you must edit the person’s record and uncheck the “Active” box. This prohibits them from accessing the database, and frees up the license they were occupying.
(Tip: You may have a demo user named Steven Bower, that you need to make not active, as he is occupying a license)

You can add a new user, without purchasing a new license, if they assume the free license left by the former user.

Follow these same instructions to add user

User Management – Reassignment of Records

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If a user leaves your organization, all records that person owned, remain within Salesforce, still owned by them. You could re-assign the record they owned to another user, object by object.

Setup → type “Mass Transfer” in Quick Find. Go object by object, to reassign from former user to the new user who would own those records.

User Management – Reassignment of Records

User Management – User Impersonation

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If users report errors, or issues you cannot personally view from your account, you can “impersonate” a user.

Go to Setup -> Users ->Users, and click on the “Login” button that will change your browser and allow you to see the world according to that user.

You cannot toggle back and forth from your account to theirs. Once you are logged in as that person, you have to log out, and log in again as yourself.

User Adoption

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You can use metrics to track the following about your users:

  • Last time a user has logged in (date and time)
  • # and type of records they created
  • # of records they modified

This could be created as a report or dashboard for management view.