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Does Ascendix integrate with…..?

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The real question to ask is, does the <insert company you are working with> integrate with Salesforce. Nowadays, it’s very common for API Integrations to occur. Some integrations are smooth while others are clunky. The cost of integration can be free, or very pricey.

Because Ascendix is built on the Salesforce platform, we invite you to the Salesforce AppExchange where you can search for the company to see if they have a “plug and play” app.

Ascendix does not promote or partner with any other 3rd party app. You can install apps in your Ascendix but we cannot support it since it’s essentially someone else’s product.

Box For Salesforce Integration Overview

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In this video, we show how Box Salesforce integration works and what limitations you might face.

Note, that it is possible to configure Box as you wish, but it will require the help of a Salesforce Consultant.

Can I connect my Outlook or Gmail to Ascendix?

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Absolutely. Here is a quick video tutorial on how to connect your Outlook to Ascendix. It does assume you’ve met some of the technical requirements.

Stay tuned for a Gmail tutorial.

If you would like an Ascendix employee to help walk you through it, please let us know.

Watch the video below to see an overview of available Outlook functionality: