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How to set email notifications

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Step 1. Click on your avatar image at the upper right-hand corner of the screen.

Step 2. Click Settings.

Step 3. In the Quick find box start entering Email notifications

Step 4. Click Email notifications.

Step 5. Check or uncheck email options for different actions

Step 6. Click Save.

Allow Emails Sends from Custom Objects

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If you have an email field available on a custom object Ascendix Search allows the option to the email from that object.

Step 1. Click on the gear icon in the top right next to the pop-out window icon to open Ascendix Search Setup.

Navigating to Ascendix Search Setup

Step 2.  From the Asendix Search Setup go to the Configuration tab and select the Email subtab then select   + Add Object.

Add Email Objects

Step 3. Select those objects you want to be able to email to and Save when done.

Add Email Objects

Now, you can send mass emails to the added objects!

Watch the video to see how you can send mass emails with Ascendix Search:

How to send Mass Emails from AscendixRE

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Watch this video to learn how to send mass emails from AscendixRE CRM.

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How to Create Email Templates in AscendixRE

How to Create Email Templates in AscendixRE

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Email Template usage allows you to automate the mailing process, increase its productivity and consistency. With AscendixRE for Salesforce, you can create Email Templates with merged fields right from the record page.

To do that:

Step 1. Select any Object from Navigation Bar (we’ve selected Property for the example), go to Activity Tab and select Email

AscendixRE Email Activity Navigation

Email Activity Navigation

Step 2. Create content in the Body of the Email and name the Email Template in a Subject

AscendixRE Message Subject and Body

Email Body and Subject

Step 3. Select Insert Icon and choose “Save as a new template”

AscendixRE Save New Template

Saving a new Template

Step 4. Name the template, add a description and choose Public or Private folder in a Folder section

Step 5. Save

AscendixRE New Template Name Description and Folder

Name, Description, Folder and Save the Email Template

Note: Insert Use  Icon to select different Email Templates

AscendixRE Insert Email Template

Inserting an Email Template

That’s it!

Looking to mass email your records? Watch this video:

Also, check our Salesforce Mass Email Guide: Functionality, Limits, And Alternatives