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Prevent Users from Adding & Removing Search Criteria

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With this feature, Admins can define saved searches that are shared with all users. Users can select criteria values but are not permitted to select which criteria fields are available to search against.

To enable this feature:

  • Open Ascendix Search Setup (click the gear icon on the right top corner of Ascendix Search).
  • Navigate to Options
  • Modify Search Criteria > Set ‘Enabled only for Ascendix Search Administrators’ in the Modify Search Criteria
  • Save
Ascendix Search enable search for users

Ascendix Search: Enable Modifying Search Criteria only for Admins

If the admin has configured Modify Search Criteria as Enabled only for Ascendix Search Administrators and the user is not an admin, the following features are not available:

  • Add Search Criteria
  • Add Search Section
  • Delete Search Criteria
  • Delete Search Section
  • Create New Search

The users will be able to perform saved searches, use the defined fields to search for their Data, and can save them as their custom search.

Also, they will be able to export search results, mass edit records, and perform mass actions (e.g., add notes in bulk, schedule events).

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