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How to Set Permission Sets globally and grant permission for the individual user

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Step 1

  • Select Gear Icon (top right)
  • Select Setup
  • Type “Sharing Settings” in a Quick Find box
  • Select Sharing Settings
  • Click “Edit” Button 
  • Choose “Private” from the list in Default Internal Access column (this will make all user to see their own data globally)
  • Click Save

Step 2 (Optional)

Set specific user with Permission to see the data of other user when all Objects are set to private:

  1. Scroll down to Sharing Rules section
  2. You would need to assign permission to a user for each Object
  3. Find the Object you need
  4. Click on New button
  5. Enter the Lebel Name in a Rule Name (Step 1) section
  6. In “Step 3: Select which records to be shared” section choose the Roles for “(Object Name) owned by members of” and select the User
  7. In “Step 4: Select the users to share with” section choose Roles for “Share with” and select the User
  8. Choose Access Level in “Step 5: Select the level of access for the users”.
  9. Click Save.

Step 3

  • Type “Profiles” in Quick Find box
  • Select “AscendixRE Standard User” profile
  • Click the “Edit” button
  • Scroll Down to Standard Object Permissions and Custom Object Permissions sections and make sure the “View All” option is unchecked for all Objects.
  • Click Save

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