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How to configure users profile to view only records that are assigned to him/her

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Example: Please set up a standard user Samuel to view only records that are assigned to him. Sam should only view records that are under his name, he should not have access to view any other records.

  1. Go to Setup-Sharing Settings- Organization-Wide Defaults- Property:
  2. Default Internal Access- set to Private
  3. Default External Access- set to Private
  4. Grant access using hierarchies – uncheck
  5. Setup- Users – Select User which should see only records assigned to him
  6. Select User’s Profile – Object Settings – Property (another needed object) – set to Read (only)
  7. Back to the user’s page – permission sets – check all permission sets for the view (modify) all options one by one.

Permission sets (all of them) should not have checked View all, Modify all options on Property object.

If any permission set has View all or Modify all checked, please do the following:

  1. Setup – permission sets – clone permission set (with checked View (Modify) all)
  2. Uncheck View all and Modify all options on Property object for this permission set – save
  3. Assign cloned permission set to the user and delete old one. 

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