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Expanded Search Operators

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Ascendix Search app expands Salesforce Search operators so you can customize search results beyond the basic out of the box solution provided by Salesforce.

Giving you, the end-user, full control of your data your way.

Good-to-know About Search Operators in Ascendix Search:

  • You’ll be able to select different search operators based on the field type.
  • Simply select the search operator from a drop-down list and then type or select your search criteria.
  • You can add the same search criteria multiple times and leverage our NOT IN, AND, OR functionality

Included below is a list of Search Operators and when to use them when performing searches.


Used to pinpoint records with specific criteria, Ex: City equals New York

Not equal to

Excludes records with specific criteria

Ascendix Search expanded search operators Salesforce

Ascendix Search – Search Operators for Text Fields

Is blank

Filters records with no data in the field

Is not blank

Filters records that have the field filled


Used to filter specific value based on a picklist, e.g., you can get all accounts from either Finance or Banking industry. Note, that Ascendix Search will show you all available picklist values and you don’t need to type them.

In Search Operator Salesforce Picklists Ascendix Search

Ascendix Search – Picklists Look & Feel


Filters records based on matching/similar string of information

Does not contain

Filters records excluding matching/similar string of information

Starts with

Filters Salesforce records with the field that starts with certain words or a combination of characters.

Numeric Date Filters

Greater than

Values above the stated value, e.g., employee number greater than 50 will return Accounts with 51 employees or more

Numeric Search Operators Ascendix Search

Ascendix Search – Search Operators for Numeric Fields

Greater or equals

Values above or equaling the stated value

Less than

Values below or equaling the stated value


Values (including dates) that fall between two specific points. E.g., between 20 and 30 employees. 

Relative Date Filters

Ascendix Search equips you with various date filters to help you quickly segment your data based on time:

today, not today, yesterday, tomorrow, on or before, before, on or after, after, this, in the last, in the next, between

Ascendix Search Date Filters Salesforce

Ascendix Search – Relative Date Search Operators

Once you select one of the above operators, you’ll be able to select from multiple available options such as:

  • specified date
  • today
  • this week/month/quarter/year/fiscal year/fiscal quarter
  • X days/weeks/months/quarters/years/fiscal quarters/fiscal years
Relative date filters salesforce

Ascendix Search – Available Date Operators

As a result, with a few clicks, you’ll be able to build granular lists of records. Moreover, you can save your list and don’t spend time on this anymore if you’ll use Relative date filters, e.g., you can build a list of Contacts you called more than 2 weeks ago:

Set the Last Activity date On or Before 2 weeks

Other Search Operators

Is me / Is not me

Filter records where you set as an Owner or you are not an Owner.

Followed by me

With Ascendix Search, you can easily get a list of records you follow with the ‘followed by me’ search operator. Also, we support mass follow/unfollow to help you keep your list clean.

Ascendix Search Salesforce mass follow records

Ascendix Search – Records Mass Follow

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