Concierge Service for AscendixRE Users

Exceptional service from a team of CRM experts for busy commercial real estate brokers. Get more time, stay focused, and productive.

Our AscendixRE Enterprise plan and the included Concierge service is for brokers who demand the best and want to stay productive and focused. You will be supported by our Concierge team and experience unparalleled service.

Unleash your time for the actual business while we’ll take care of keeping your CRM and calendar up-to-date. Simply send us an email or leave a voicemail to make your tasks done.

Here are a few examples of how the Ascendix Concierge team can help:

  • CRM data entry: contacts creation and update, adding leases, lease comps, or any other information you want to keep in your CRM.
  • Entering information from business cards and leaflets.
  • Data load help including property photos, images, blueprints.
  • Schedule assistance and creation of new tasks for you.
  • Reports creation and customization using Ascendix Search and Composer.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of your Concierge service? We offer concierge service free of charge for all Enterprise users of AscendixRE CRM which is $79/user/mo.

How do I communicate with the Concierge team? You can reach our team via Email or Voicemail. Don’t worry, we’ll provide detailed guidance once you are on our Enterprise plan.

I have a pile of business cards with written notes. Can you enter this information into my CRM? Sure! Just send us pictures of your cards and we’ll take care of it. Please feel free to send us real estate flyers, brochures, properties listings or anything else that contains essential information that should be in your CRM.

I have some bulk data in a spreadsheet. Can you help me to import it? Absolutely! Send your spreadsheet our way, and we’ll export it on your behalf. Please note, this might require further collaboration.

I have support related questions. Can Concierge team help me? For any issues pertaining to errors or support related questions, please direct to

I want to start using Concierge service. What are the next steps? Awesome! Please feel free to get in touch with your Account manager (if you are our current user) or contact us to get things going. We’re sure you’ll love our concierge service.

Why Ascendix Concierge Service?

  • Free-up your top performers and help them reach even higher results
  • Keep your team productive, focused, and happy by delegating routine activities to Concierge
  • Sell more without extending your team
  • Spend less time in the apps and more time making money
  • Help your team to keep their database and calendar clean and accurate
  • Never lose important business information

Help your best employees focus on high-value activities, remove mundane tasks from their to-do list, and let them prioritize their time without losing any essential data with Ascendix Concierge Service.

We know they always have much to do, and we are ready to help!