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What kind of support will I get once I’m an Ascendix customer?

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The same kind of support you get as a trial customer.

We’re here for the journey and the service and product evolution doesn’t stop once the contract is signed. We have a support email to report technical issues, and a client success team to ensure you’re engaging with the app and using it to maximize your investment. We pride ourselves on high retention rates, and that doesn’t happen by accident.

xRE FoundationsxRE Enterprise
Onboarding2 hours of consulting/interactive training (within 30 days of signing up)30 day access to client adoption team to personalize training, business scenarios, best practices, data prep consulting, minimal configurations like field add/removal and form layout.
Data Import helpAccounts and contacts import using original data template mapping.Accounts and contacts import using original data template mapping.
Email SupportYesYes
Phone SupportNoYes
Concierge ServiceNoYes, within limits

There’s a lot going on here. Many things I don’t need. Can I remove tabs on the menu or fields on the form?

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Yes. Let’s clarify what can be done.

  • The tabs you see across the screen on your navigation bar can be hidden/removed or re-ordered. We cannot add tabs that don’t exist. Watch this video to learn more:
  • On each record (example: Contact) – we can hide/remove fields, or add your own custom fields if there is something you want to track for that Contact (most commonly people add Linkedin Profiles or a way to Categorize their contacts by type such as prospect, client, owner, tenant, etc..). Another record frequently altered is the Property record. There are over 200 + fields on there. It’s great if you want to track all the nitty-gritty details, but if you don’t you can hide or collapse the details.
  • You could also re-name some of the tabs. As long as the spirit of the data is the same, there is no harm in renaming them (Example: Some people like to re-name Accounts to Companies).

How can I remove tabs and add/remove fields?

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Although you don’t need a lot of technical chops to get it done, it does require some practice.  For the most part, much of this stuff can be managed if you’re comfortable dragging and dropping boxes. It’s important to note if you’re in a multi-user trial, only the first user, who has an admin profile, can access this ‘behind the scenes’ area. VIP status!

Watch this video that walks you through how you can add/remove/reorder fields.

If you want to edit the tabs you see in the horizontal navigation bar, click on the pencil icon on the far right. This will allow you to re-order the tabs, so that ones you need most are moved to the top (when editing), and will display furthest to the left when you’re done making changes.

If you want to remove a tab completely, as an admin you can do so.

Does AscendixRE have a mobile (phone or tablet) app?

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Yes! Go to the Google Play Store, or the Apple App store, and search for the “Salesforce” app. If there are several of them, the one you want to install looks like a blue cloud. Once you’ve installed it, you can access it with the same username and password you have to access the desktop version of Ascendix. You’ll quickly be able to see all the same information on your phone. You can look up records, add notes, photos, make calls to contacts, etc…

Watch the video to get an overview of available features on your mobile:

If I terminate my subscription, how will I get my data?

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Salesforce provides you with an option to export all of your data (including attachments), any time via CSV file.

Watch this video for step-by-step instructions:

Where do I find my Salesforce Org ID?

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Step 1. Navigate to Setup

Step 2. Type Company Information in Quick Find and notice the Salesforce Organization ID in the right column

Watch the video to find your Salesforce Org ID:

How to Export or Back up My Data from Salesforce?

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It is easy! Watch this video for step-by-step instructions:

Does Ascendix have a mobile app?

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Yes. Since we are on the Salesforce platform, we leverage the existing Salesforce app. From any smartphone or tablet, you can go to the Google Play or Apple App store, and search for Salesforce. If there are multiple apps that match that name, it’s the app with the blue cloud.

Install it, and use your Ascendix username and password to access.

Install Salesforce for iPhone here

Get Salesforce for Android 

Watch the video to get an overview of available features on your mobile:

How to Grant Ascendix Access to Your Salesforce Environment (Lightning)

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You can grant Ascendix temporary access to your Salesforce environment in order to assist with various tasks such as importing your data and hands-on training tailored to your organization.

Step 1. Click on the person icon from the top-right menu and select “Settings”

AscendixRE Settings

Step 2. From the left navigation bar click on Grant Account Login Access

Step 3. Find “Ascendix Technologies Inc. Support” and grant access for 1 day, 3 days, 1 week or 1 month

Step 4. Save

Ascendix Technologies Grant Account Login Access