How to Create Email Templates in AscendixRE

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Email Template usage allows you to automate the mailing process, increase its productivity and consistency. With AscendixRE for Salesforce, you can create Email Templates with merged fields right from the record page.

To do that:

Step 1. Select any Object from Navigation Bar (we’ve selected Property for the example), go to Activity Tab and select Email

AscendixRE Email Activity Navigation

Email Activity Navigation

Step 2. Create content in the Body of the Email and name the Email Template in a Subject

AscendixRE Message Subject and Body

Email Body and Subject

Step 3. Select Insert Icon and choose “Save as a new template”

AscendixRE Save New Template

Saving a new Template

Step 4. Name the template, add a description and choose Public or Private folder in a Folder section

Step 5. Save

AscendixRE New Template Name Description and Folder

Name, Description, Folder and Save the Email Template

Note: Insert Use  Icon to select different Email Templates

AscendixRE Insert Email Template

Inserting an Email Template

That’s it!

Looking to mass email your records? Watch this video:

Also, check our Salesforce Mass Email Guide: Functionality, Limits, And Alternatives

Who Needs Ascendix Search?

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If you are a Salesforce user that works with Saleforce data on a weekly basis then you’ll appreciate Ascendix Search.

For those looking to really utilize their data we have options such as Cross-Object  Query Builder (Allows users to build searches based on attributes not related to the  core record type such as building a list of Accounts where Opportunities probabilities are 70%+) and Expanded Search Operators (Search parameters such as Next X day and Between X and Y value) Plus an additional Map Interface that allows you to quickly search by geographic location.

Read our whitepaper (PDF) to learn how Sales professionals, Marketers, Customer Support Teams, and Salesforce Admins can improve their productivity thanks to Ascendix Search.

Now that we have all these detailed searches what can we do with them?

Export it to Excel, save your search for a later date, or even share your search template with other users in the organization.

Ascendix Search also allows for the creation of Ad-Hoc Lists (Lists created for a purpose) giving you the end user the ability to quickly and easily access tailored information now not later.

Use Cases for Sales Reps

Ascendix Search simplifies the way to identify prospects to call or email. You’ll be able to create and save lists that match your criteria with more granular filters than in a standard Salesforce.

E.g., you can create a list of Leads to follow up that were contacted by you 2 weeks before today. Once created this list, you can save it. From this moment, you’ll see leads that require your attention.

Our Map search will allow you to filter records by certain area rather than a city or town, e.g. you might be interested in all Accounts from Dallas and suburbs. You might have multiple towns that meet your requirements. With Ascendix Search, you can simply draw a circle or polygon on the map to get this list.

Watch more use cases in this video:

Ascendix Search for Salesforce Admins

The app simplifies list building for your users so you’ll significantly decrease the number of report building requests. Also, you’ll be able to clean, uniform data thanks to mass update functionality. Our charts will help you visualize the data and find inconsistency. Also, you can use Export to Excel to review the data and easily correct it.

Ascendix Search for Commercial Real Estate Companies

We created Ascendix Search on request of our AscendixRE CRM users (a commercial real estate CRM on top of Salesforce). They were looking for better ways to do prospecting and requested features like mass updates, mass actions, map searches. Also, check our blog post where we explain the use cases for brokers and why Ascendix Search is a good idea for all brokers who use Salesforce.

Map Search

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Ascendix Search app lets you locate your Salesforce records on a map, visualize and search information via drawing geometric shapes on a map so you can build highly targeted lists of records, plan your roadshows, and more!

Good to know about Ascendix Search Maps:

  • The app supports two Map providers: GoogleMaps and OpenStreetMap (our default provider).
  • Admins should enable Salesforce geocoding to use this feature.
  • By default, Salesforce supports geocoding of Accounts, Contacts, and Leads.  Ascendix Search supports the geocoding of custom objects.
  • The mapping feature will only work on valid addresses, partially filled addresses will not be recognized by the map component.

Whatever provider you’ll select you’ll be able to:

  • Locate your search results on a map
  • Use the map area as a search criterion. Think about the ability to search within multiple Zip codes or a certain area. It might be challenging or almost impossible without this feature.
  • Customize pushpins on a map – change color, shape or size:
Ascendix Search app for Salesforce highlighting
Ascendix Search app for Salesforce Record Details on a map

Read: How commercial real estate brokers can benefit from Ascendix Search


OpenStreetMap is our default map provider. It is free to use, doesn’t require any additional setup, and it lets you:

  • Search your data using the map by either the current viewable area or shape (circle, rectangle, or polygon)
  • Display any saved shape on the map with loading a previously saved search
  • Change the shape by grabbing and dragging
  • Change map location via a search box
OpenStreetMap Interface

Ascendix Search – OpenStreetMap Interface

How to Search Salesforce Data with OpenStreetMap:

  1. Select the type of shape you want to use or enter a search term in the Search field on the map, e.g. Dallas or the United States.
  2. Draw shapes on a map, click the edit button to be able to move and resize your shape.
  3. Click any space inside the shape to grab and drag the entire shape. Make sure to save the edited shape to get the expected results.
  4. Click ‘Filter by Map’ button.

For rectangles, any edge can be grabbed to increase/decrease the width/height.

For polygons, any point can be grabbed to change the shape.

Measure Shapes

OpenStreetMaps also allows you to measure the distance between points on your map.

Click Show Measurements icon to show the size of the shapes.

Measure distance between objects Ascendix Search for Salesforce

Ascendix Search Interface: a Polygon with Measures

We show measurements in miles by default, but you can toggle to kilometers via clicking a button on the map.

When drawing a shape on the map the following will be displayed:

During drawing

  • Circles – radius
  • Polygons – a sum of sides length

When drawn

  • Circles – area
  • Rectangles – a length of each side and area

OpenStreetMap is easy, powerful, and free. Try it now!


Who hasn’t heard about GoogleMaps? Using it in combination with the Ascendix Search app, you’ll be able to visualize your records on a map and filter them by drawing geographic shapes.

It is not our default map provider, because it requires additional configuration. You must have a Google API key that allows for up to 25,000 map loads per 24 hours.

At the top, you will see various shapes that will allow you to highlight areas within the map.

By selecting a shape and highlighting a geographical area you can further refine criteria-based searches.

Ascendix Search google maps interface

Ascendix Search – GoogleMaps Interface

Ascendix Search Admins can easily switch between Google Maps and OpenStreetMap using Ascendix Search Setup. Learn more about available customizations in our Admin Guide.

How to Add an Image to an Email Signature in Salesforce

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Adding an image to your email signatures is a great way to add color and branding to every email you send. We’ll show you how to put your personalized signature in Salesforce.

This guide is intended for users with Lightning Experience interface only. If you use Salesforce Classic interface please read this detailed instruction.

Upload Your Image into Files Tab

Step 1. Click the Files tab on the Navigation Bar, or the App Launcher icon to view all apps/tabs and choose Files from there.

AscendixRE CRE CRM for Salesforce. Lightning Experience. Choose Files in App Launcher
Choose Files in App Launcher

Step 2. Click on the Upload Files button and navigate to the location where you store the image on your computer.

AscendixRE CRE CRM for Salesforce. Lightning Experience. Upload Your Image.
Click on the Upload Files button and choose your image

Get the URL of the Uploaded Image

Note: Please make sure to perform the following steps. If you do not open the link in a new tab and do not copy the image address from there, you will have to delete the image and upload it again to get a permanent link to the image.

Step 1. In the Files tab click on Action Menu right from the uploaded image and click on Public Link.

AscendixRE CRE CRM for Salesforce. Lightning Experience. Copy Generated Public Link
Generation of Public Link

Step 2. Copy Link and open it in a new tab.

AscendixRE CRE CRM for Salesforce. Lightning Experience. Copy Generated Public Link
Copy generated Public Link and paste it a new tab

Step 3. Right-click on the image and click on Copy image address.

AscendixRE CRE CRM for Salesforce. Lightning Experience. Copy Image Address
Copy image address

Add the Image to Your Email Signature

Step 1. Click on your avatar image at the upper right-hand corner of the screen.

Step 2. Click Settings.

AscendixRE CRE CRM for Salesforce - Lightning Experience - User Settings
User Settings

Step 3. In the Quick Find search box on the left side of the screen, type-in My Email Settings.

AscendixRE CRE CRM for Salesforce. Lightning Experience. Adding Email Signature.
Type-in My Email Settings in the Quick Find search box

Step 4. Click on My Email Settings.

Step 5. In the Email Signature field, type-in <img src = “link here”/>.

AscendixRE CRE CRM for Salesforce. Lightning Experience. Adding Email Signature.
Adding Email Signature

Step 6. Click Save.

It’s important to note that this will only work when sending emails in HTML format.  However, if you send an email in plain text format it will display <img src = “link here”/> in the signature.

In Lightning Experience signatures will be added to all personal emails automatically, but inserting any template will overwrite current email and signature. Signatures won’t be added to emails that use HTML templates, as signatures need to be part of the template.

AscendixRE Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of support will I get once I’m an Ascendix customer?

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The same kind of support you get as a trial customer.

We’re here for the journey and the service and product evolution doesn’t stop once the contract is signed. We have a support email to report technical issues, and a client success team to ensure you’re engaging with the app and using it to maximize your investment. We pride ourselves on high retention rates, and that doesn’t happen by accident.

xRE FoundationsxRE Enterprise
Onboarding2 hours of consulting/interactive training (within 30 days of signing up)30 day access to client adoption team to personalize training, business scenarios, best practices, data prep consulting, minimal configurations like field add/removal and form layout.
Data Import helpAccounts and contacts import using original data template mapping.Accounts and contacts import using original data template mapping.
Email SupportYesYes
Phone SupportNoYes
Concierge ServiceNoYes, within limits

Does AscendixRE have a mobile (phone or tablet) app?

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Yes! Go to the Google Play Store, or the Apple App store, and search for the “Salesforce” app. If there are several of them, the one you want to install looks like a blue cloud. Once you’ve installed it, you can access it with the same username and password you have to access the desktop version of Ascendix. You’ll quickly be able to see all the same information on your phone. You can look up records, add notes, photos, make calls to contacts, etc…

Watch the video to get an overview of available features on your mobile:

Does Ascendix have a mobile app?

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Yes. Since we are on the Salesforce platform, we leverage the existing Salesforce app. From any smartphone or tablet, you can go to the Google Play or Apple App store, and search for Salesforce. If there are multiple apps that match that name, it’s the app with the blue cloud.

Install it, and use your Ascendix username and password to access.

Install Salesforce for iPhone here

Get Salesforce for Android 

Watch the video to get an overview of available features on your mobile:

How to Grant Ascendix Access to Your Salesforce Environment (Lightning)

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You can grant Ascendix temporary access to your Salesforce environment in order to assist with various tasks such as importing your data and hands-on training tailored to your organization.

Step 1. Click on the person icon from the top-right menu and select “Settings”

AscendixRE Settings

Step 2. From the left navigation bar click on Grant Account Login Access

Step 3. Find “Ascendix Technologies Inc. Support” and grant access for 1 day, 3 days, 1 week or 1 month

Step 4. Save

Ascendix Technologies Grant Account Login Access