Dashboards Overview | AscendixRE CRM

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AscendixRE lets you view and analyze your data using multiple charts and dashboards.

Learn how to easily customize and create new charts in this video:

AscendixRE for Investment Sales Brokers

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Investment Sales Brokers need to track Buyer requirements, Sellers in the marketplace, all communication, and activities when they are pursuing a listing, deal stages, and more. AscendixRE makes it easy and provides well-thought tools and processes to work with your data effectively.

This video will cover how Investment Sales Reps can use AscendixRE:

0:09 Tracking Buyers

0:54 Preference tracking to capture investment criteria

2:14 Building a list of buyers using Ascendix Search

4:12 Activities Tracking

4:50 Adding Properties the Person Owns

5:50 Сreating a Listing

6:26 Deals tracking

7:01 Sales comp creation

7:04 Buyer Rep Deal Creation

7:34 Customizing tabs in the menu

AscendixRE for Landlord Representation Brokers

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AscendixRE provides Landlord Reps with easy-to-use tools to track vacant space, marketing activities of availabilities, managing the deal flow and pipeline for the vacant space.

Learn how to use AscendixRE in this video:

0:52 Categorizing Contacts and Accounts

1:16 Account Details: Tagging/Segmenting an Account as a Prospect

2:02 Filtered List of Prospects

2:15 Logging Activities

2:30 Listing Pursuit Deal: automatically create a listing for you once the deal is closed

3:42 Creating Properties

4:24 Properties Overview: creating a Lease Listing for this property (Allows you to connect everything to this listing)

5:44 Listings, activity timeline. (When a broker wins a listing there are some prescriptive actions a broker should undertake. We populate it automatically, but you can disable this.)

AscendixRE for Tenant Reps

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As a Tenant Rep, AscendixRE provides you with all essential tools to prospect, prospective tenants, keep up-to-date Lease Comps database, track all leases, and get alerted when the lease is expiring.

Watch this video to learn all ins and outs:

Does Ascendix integrate with…..?

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The real question to ask is, does the <insert company you are working with> integrate with Salesforce. Nowadays, it’s very common for API Integrations to occur. Some integrations are smooth while others are clunky. The cost of integration can be free, or very pricey.

Because Ascendix is built on the Salesforce platform, we invite you to the Salesforce AppExchange where you can search for the company to see if they have a “plug and play” app.

Ascendix does not promote or partner with any other 3rd party app. You can install apps in your Ascendix but we cannot support it since it’s essentially someone else’s product.

Box For Salesforce Integration Overview

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In this video, we show how Box Salesforce integration works and what limitations you might face.

Note, that it is possible to configure Box as you wish, but it will require the help of a Salesforce Consultant.

Can I connect my Outlook or Gmail to Ascendix?

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Absolutely. Here is a quick video tutorial on how to connect your Outlook to Ascendix. It does assume you’ve met some of the technical requirements.

Stay tuned for a Gmail tutorial.

If you would like an Ascendix employee to help walk you through it, please let us know.

Watch the video below to see an overview of available Outlook functionality:

What are some best practices regarding integrating my Outlook or Gmail with Ascendix?

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We have been in this CRM/data game for 22 years and have plenty of recommendations to help you along the way.

When you connect your email provider with Ascendix, you can determine the direction in which information flows. The options are:

  1. Sync Outlook/Gmail to Salesforce
  2. Sync Salesforce to Outlook/Gmail
  3. Don’t sync

These 3 options are available for Contacts and Events (Appointments)

Our recommendation?

Contacts. Don’t sync!

When you sync, much of the data flows back and forth in periodic cycles. In several instances, data has duplicated itself several times over, creating more of an administrative nightmare.

Instead, a better way of managing this is to export your contacts from Outlook or Gmail, clean up the data, and import them in bulk.

As you continue using your email and Ascendix, if there is a net-new contact that sends you an email, you can quickly capture their contact info and create the contact record, all within the Ascendix side panel that presents itself in your email.


If you want to automate the flow of data here, we suggest option 2, sync Salesforce events to Outlook or Gmail. You can assume that the data you enter in Salesforce, should end up in your calendar. But not all appointments in your calendar has relevance in Salesforce.

Alternatively, you can choose to not sync, and subjectively decide which calendar appointment should go in Salesforce.

Check out our blog post on how to Install Salesforce for Outlook.

Generating and Sending Property Tour Books | AscendixRE CRM

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Now it is easy to generate property tour books and send them to your contacts right from your Salesforce.

In this video, we show how to create a meaningful tour book just in a few clicks using AscendixRE CRM.

AscendixRE Stacking Plan Overview

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A stacking plan within AscendixRE is a great way to visualize both tenants and vacant space within a particular property.

In this video, we’ll explain how Stacking plans work and what you can do with them.

Also, check our post: Stacking Plan Software: all you need to know.