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Data Importation:

  • The tool used to import new data, update existing records, export data, is called Data Loader. Salesforce has authored a Data Loader Guide to walk through some requirements and steps.
  • The data import spreadsheet that is prepped should have column headers that map directly to the fields within that Object.
  • Any field that is a lookup (reliant on another record within Salesforce), is matched by using Salesforce Unique IDs. These Unique IDs are also extracted from Data Loader.

Single Sign On:

  • Salesforce does have SSO capabilities, highlighted in this article are some steps to implement and best practices to follow.


  • Processes: You can create If -> Then conditions that allow you to leverage the automation. Some automation could result in sending emails to users and external individuals, setting up tasks, or even updating fields on a record.
  • Flows: Flows allow you to automate a business process that collects data from the user, uses a screen flow & prompts (almost like a wizard).
  • Approval Process: Create approval steps to define the chain of approval for a particular approval process.

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