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Adding New Deals

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Watch this video to see how to create a New Deal. Although this example applies to tenant representation, the overall process is very similar for each record type:

  • What do I name my deal? Depending on how you requested your data import, the Deal Name might follow your existing naming/numbered convention. Moving forward, you can name the deal with the Tenant + Space, or whatever your team decides is a best practice.
  • Select the property by starting to type ahead its name.
  • Select the space by starting to type ahead its name or number (ex: 400).
  • Select Deal Type and Stage from options.
  • Type-ahead Tenant’s name. If tenant name is not found, you can ‘on the spot’ by clicking “+ New Account” 
  • This will be an opportunity to quickly create the Company record for the Tenant (example: Express).
  • Once saved, you are back at the Deal record to continue filling in info as you see fit.

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