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Add record detail information to the pop-up window 

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The Map feature of Ascendix Search allows a map to be used as part of your search criteria and also plots search results on the map after a search is executed.  When installed the map is enabled for the Contact and Account objects. Make sure to enable Salesforce geocoding to be able to use the map search.

Ascendix Search Customized Record Details on a map

Ascendix Search – A Map With Customized Record Details

To add record detail information to the pop-up window when the user clicks on a pin on the map follow these steps:

Step 1. From Setup select Object Manager​​​​

Step 2. Click on the object label in which you want to add record detail information

Ascendix Search selecting property

Ascendix Search – Salesforce Object Manager

Step 3. Click on the Field Sets tab

Step 4. Click the New button

Step 5. Enter fields as following:  Fields Set Label – Ascendix Search Map Popup, Field Set Name – Ascendix_Search_Map_Popup, Where is it used? – In the Ascendix Search when the user clicks on a pin on the map 

Ascendix Search New Field Set

Ascendix Search – Creating New Field Set in Salesforce

Step 6. Click the Save button

Step 7. Drag and drop fields that you want the user will see in the pop-up window to the In the Field Set section. Please note that related objects fields are not supported

Ascendix Search Field Sets

Ascendix Search – Defining a Field Set

Step 8. Click the Save button

That’s it! Now your map is configured!  Did you know that you can change the size, color, shape of the pushpins on a map? Check a how-to guide here.

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